i-did | Photoshoot

Photography by: Roderick Lucassen

i-did is a social and sustainable company based in Utrecht and Den Haag. They guide people to work, people who have not worked for a long time. They create beautiful products from old textiles that they recycle into felt.

Website & Webshop redesign

I have had the privilege to create a new website and webshop for i-did. The company already had a basic website & webshop, so my task was to use what was already there, but give it more sparkle. After redesigned this, I have optimized processed internally for the e-commerce site and set up a customer service portal and step-by-step processes.

Photoshoot 2021

In the summer of 2021, I have worked together with i-did to plan a big, low budget photoshoot. We have created amazing work and a lot of content for multiple platforms. Images that can be used throughout the website, social media and print. I have organized this photoshoot and also decided and ordered the backdrops. The feedback from i-did was very positive and we can not wait to come back and do another session for this amazing company.

Photoshoot i-did in the the Efteling 2020

i-did makes bags and accessoires from old (company) clothing. Which they have also done for the Efteling. It was amazing to be able to organize a photoshoot in a (closed due to COVID-19) Efteling. Being an enormous Efteling-fan myself (as is the photographer: Roderick Lucassen), this was a dream come true.


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March 1, 2022