When life gives you lemons, I’ll

plan and design
the perfect lemonadestand

Hey there, I’m Linda—a passionate, creative whirlwind on a mission to sprinkle a little lemon zest into the world of design and project management. My goal? Turning ideas into captivating realities that are as refreshing as a tall glass of lemonade on a summer day.

I’m all about that perfect blend of creativity and practicality—because let’s face it, even lemons need some sweetening to truly shine.

When I’m not knee-deep in pixels and plans, you might catch me drinking a nice cup of coffee or cozied up with a captivating book and, you guessed it, a trusty cup of lemon-infused tea.

So, if you’re ready to squeeze the most out of your creative projects, let’s team up and make some lemonade together!




Project Management

Like a skilled lemonade mixologist, I zest up freelance project management, blending meticulous planning and creative flair to turn sour challenges into sweet successes. Let me infuse your projects with a refreshing dose of organization and innovation.

(Graphic) Brand Design

Bringing a touch of zest to graphic design, I craft visual identities that are as unique as a splash of lemon in a sea of sameness. Let’s collaborate to infuse your brand with personality and vibrancy.


From wireframes to wow-worthy websites, my freelance web design services add a citrusy twist to the digital world. Let’s blend creativity and functionality to create a virtual space that’s as refreshing as a sip of lemonade on a sunny day.

Experience with building in WordPress, Squarespace and Wix.

How I work

Squeeze the day!

Welcome to my ‘Squeeze the Day’ approach to project management. Just as a lemonade recipe requires careful steps to create a refreshing blend, my process involves a series of strategic steps designed to turn your ideas into a harmonious reality. Get ready to embark on a journey where we zest up your project, one lemony step at a time.

Getting a (digital) coffee

You tell me what you’d like to see & we talk through what I can do for you.


Tasting of creations

With close collaboration, I create multiple creations (or start working on a project) and we are open in our feedback.

Wrapping up & saying goodbye!

Done? We wrap up, will cheer (digitally) and say our goodbyes (for now!).

My recent work

Summer photoshoot

Client: i-did
Service: Project Management

Website re-design

Client: Restaurant de Paddestoel
Service: Webdesign

Website & webshop

Client: i-did
Service: Project and Process Management, webdesign

Hairdresser salon

Client: Hair By Zaklin
Service: Brand Design


Client: Hair By Zaklin
Service: Webdesign

Your project?

Client: you!
Service: Project and Process Management, webdesign

Souring for some creative zest?

Let’s turn those ideas into lemonade magic. Reach out today!